Available corpora

Online publication of coherent corpora from individual phases of the investigation period

The organization of the project with mainly on a voluntary basis working contributors necessarily effects a different level of editing of the thematic and geographic areas.

Since the chronological collections for each investigation period get published only if all relevant sources are edited, individual, thematically coherent corpora are published online in advance successively.

Thus, on the one hand those interested get access to results early, on the other hand the diversity of sources is presented. In addition, practical experience is gained, which will prove helpful to optimize the final version.

In addition, the preliminary publication of corpora provides an opportunity to consider the local, regional and typological peculiarities of the sources more than this is possible in the chronological version of the total collection.

Each corpus is also accompanied by an editorial introduction.

User notice concerning links

The records contain numerous links to other records. Sometimes, not all linked data are available on the website yet. They are identified by an inactive database number (like CP1-c1-03x9) or by four zeroes in hashes supplemented with the date of source if no data has been created in the database until now (e.g.: #0000# to 1338 V 17).

Contributions of project members for Download

At present, 39 contributions of project staff and partners are available online.

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Third period of investigation: 1391-1440